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Sharing Our Inspiration for this Program

Greyhound in a inmate knitted hat and coat.We were initially attracted to the program because of the greyhounds, although once we got involved in the program we found out how beneficial the program was on a human level. The program changes people as much, if not more, than the greyhounds. After working with the inmates and listening to them express what the program means to them as well as the prison staff and how it has made  a more positive environment, we began to embrace it's life changing properties.


We're inspired:

By this adorable, silly picture of a TGIE dog, outfitted in the sweater and hat knitted for her by her handler.

When we see shy dogs transformed, through love and patience, into happy, playful, obedient greys.

When we get updates from adopters expressing their love for their new family member and their appreciation for the hard work of the handlers.

When we observe handlers saying good-bye to their greys on exchange day. Whispering a parting message in their ear, a final hug, a sigh....a tear.

By people's kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity.

By words of encouragement....a simple "thank you."

By volunteers who work selflessly and endlessly for their love of the greys.

When we see 40 handlers and 20 greyhounds doing pack walks and circle training on the prison grounds.

These are a few of the things that inspire us and keep us going on some of those long, stressful days.